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The State of Social in ESG

By Andrea
Julie Park

Foreword by Julie Park, TMX Group

By Julie Park

ESG Global Advisors is a trusted industry participant who has contributed and publicly shared a wealth of educational material in the areas of sustainability, thought leadership and ESG disclosure. And Argyle, as one of North America’s leading corporate communications and public engagement firms, works to align organizations with the needs and expectations of investors and stakeholders.

Amidst the noise, complexity, and lack of social data currently available today, the report, “The State of Social in ESG” commendably attempts to establish a set of practical benchmarks across six key areas of social practices for organizations operating in Canada and the United States, ranging from corporate governance to Indigenous reconciliation.

Given the backdrop of the world we live in with the intricacies of several social reckonings and injustices highlighted throughout the world and in this report, this research is timely and highly relevant.

The importance of best practices around human capital management is ever increasing and evolving rapidly. The author provides ample social context behind the benchmarking criteria and results. Their efforts shed light on the current state of the social realm in business, revealing actionable insights as to where we are lagging, doing better and where the opportunities lie.

Each unique corporate citizen can take further action in the areas they believe they can have the most impact as well as to do their part. At TMX Group, an important objective for us is to support our issuers in their journeys to integrating best practices through engagement and connecting issuers to useful information, materials and educational opportunities. Collectively, we share the burden to make strides in corporate business to lift the current ‘State of Social’.,

Julie Park
Head of Corporate Sustainability and ESG Investor Relations
TMX Group

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